167th Allentown Fair features extensive collection of antiques, thousands of exhibits

By Josh Rultenberg 

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – Folks are once again enjoying the festivities at the 167th Great Allentown Fair. It’s known for its food, but it also has a lot of other great things to offer.

The Great Allentown Fair has been around for 167 years and that means a lot of history, and for the first time, Fair President Beverly Gruber is showing some of it off. 

“We have close to 10,000 exhibits in this building,” Gruber said.

Among the exhibits includes an extensive collection of antiques. Hundreds of pieces at least 60 years old are submitted to be judged for $12 a pop.

E.J. Krall is in charge.

“There are not a lot of fairs that have antiques and it is quite a responsibility,” he said.

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