Aumann Auctions to Sell Massive Array of Vintage Iron and Antiques

“We don’t get auctions like this every day,” says Kurt Aumann¬†of Aumann Auctions. “When we first arrived, we were overwhelmed at not only the quantity but also the quality of the collection. Then when we started cataloging, we just kept finding great pieces every day,” he says. Each separate category has its own catalog and end time; the pick-up dates/times for all will be combined. “This auction presents a unique opportunity for the public to virtually pick just like on ‘American Pickers,'” says Aumann.¬†

This property features multiple buildings full of antiques, vintage toys, pedal cars, steam whistles, and vintage gas pumps sure to win the hearts of collectors and decorators looking for the perfect farmhouse chic and industrial decor. This includes eight large warehouses filled to the rafters by multi-generational Schurman family collectors.

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