Steele: These dolls are great collectibles

Recently at a friend’s auction — full of a lifetime’s accumulation of hopes and dreams — I found these two little dolls in a box all alone waiting for their time at the auction block. I had remembered seeing these through the years at antique and collectible stores and was totally aware of the kind of memories these dolls had given to my friend’s childhood. I have also been through an auction of personal things — about 28 years ago — so I was fully aware of the decisions that had to be made as to what would be put on the auction block and let go or what could be kept for a bit longer. My friend did an amazing job of letting go of many once-treasured items.

As I was looking through the few things that I did purchase that day, I asked her about these little Skookum Bully Good Native American dolls. And she told me a little story about them: She had found them on a trip with her parents when she was a little girl. We all have stories like this to tell and we should tell them to our families, but it seems that everyone is so busy any more that seldom do we take the time to talk about our family history.

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